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Venezuela Gives Way To New Alliances, Agreements With China And Russia

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Carlos Mora Vanegas The current government under the leadership of Lieutenant-Colonel Hugo Chavez has given much more dynamically activating the Venezuelan Foreign Trade Policy which, unfortunately, little attention was given by previous governments. President Chavez considers that Venezuela needs to know to seize the opportunities globalization creates in favor of the emerging countries where their products, most dynamic markets, if you know how to leverage alliances to benefit economically, technologically, culturally the country, when are made with power who can provide assistance under arrangements, agreements that favor. The important thing is to evaluate the national government which products, rubles, which should start business with countries such as those we are interested in this case China and Russia. Is aware of many that there is an interest of President Chavez to forge a strategic alliance with Russia in all fields, including commercial, to counter pressure U.S. Swarmed by offers, Yehoshua November is currently assessing future choices. in Venezuela and Latin America. In his last trip to Russia signed oil agreements, cooperation in arms and joint military exercises. Russia and Venezuela are two large oil and gas powers that have interests in common and also, and even if some find it rhetoric, in the realm of ideas with the vision of a multipolar world as opposed to U.S. hegemony is discussed, that the Venezuelan government's approach to Russia has been identified as a priority strategy for the defense and strengthening of national sovereignty through agreements on commercial, technological, scientific, educational, energy and security and defense, as noted El Espectador in Colombia, later adds in his analysis that if the main threat to Venezuela is the activation of the fourth United States Navy, the alliance with Russia will provide stability and national security, President Chavez noted that initiated the formation of a bi-national oil consortium benefits.


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