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Atomic Energy Commission

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Cornelius P. Rhoads, moved to the Presbyterian Hospital in San Juan for studying anemia in Puerto Rico, with funding from the Rockefeller Foundation. What he really did was inject the anemic with cancer cells and radioactive elements and apply them radiation to study its effects. In a letter to his friend F.W. Stewart, confessed having been killed 8 patients. Later, Rhoads directed biological warfare in Maryland, Utah and Panama. Also joined the Atomic Energy Commission, where he organized the radiation exposure experiments with soldiers and patients in hospitals. In 1951, the Patriot leader Pedro Albizu Campos denounced from jail La Princess de San Juan that he was being radiated and that Americans use Puerto Rico as a laboratory.

From the 1940s until the early 1990s, in Panama was tested gas mustard, VX, sarin, hydrogen cyanide and other neurotoxic agents. In early experiments was applied substances soldiers with tragic consequences, in both the 1960s and 70 were made testing of agent orange and other toxic herbicides in the jungles of Panama, similar to the battlefields of Viet Nam. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as US Senator from Vermont by clicking through. In the invasion of Panama in 1999, the inhabitants of Pacora – in the mountains near the capital were bombed with a chemical agent that burned their skin, produced them stinging and provoked them diarrhea. The army left many sites contaminated with residues of chemical weapons, in addition to numerous projectiles which do not detonated. Decentralized chemical and biological experiments they are like the bread of every day in Cuba. The variety of the mosquito Aedes aegypti, transmitter of dengue hemorrhagic fever virus, was developed by specialists in biological warfare and introduced to the island in 1984, confessed Eduardo Arocena, ringleader of the terrorist organization Omega 7, at a trial held in 1984 in the United States.UU.

Anything goes in the United States.UU. Attacks with anthrax perpetrated in the United States.UU. in 2002 used strains Ames, Iowa Laboratories developed and used by the army in the 1960s to virulent weapons. Experiments with ebola were developed at the Research Institute of infectious diseases in Fort Detrick (Maryland) army.Between 1942 and 1945, the chemical warfare service experienced mustard gas in some 4,000 military and hundreds of seventh-day Adventists who chose to lend as india Guinea rather than serve in the army. The record of human experiments in the United States.UU. It could accommodate in a large library. The public health service decided to act against the – a deficiency of niacin – pellagra newly in 1935, after observing impassively for 20 years the deadly ravages of evil in the black population hit by poverty. In 1940, 400 prisoners in Chicago were infected with malaria, to test the effects of new drugs against the disease. The same service experienced in the 1930s Tuskegee Syphilis in 200 men of the black community in Macon County, Alabama. And once he began the industrial production of penicillin it nor healed them. AIDS, which appeared in the 1980s among the black population of Haiti and in some African countries, may well be another gimmick of the U.S. biological arsenal. Everything is possible for the leaders of this great country. Original author and source of the article.


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