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This gave rise to what might be called the ethical and moral tragedy of mankind, whose results we are experiencing nowadays. A logical conclusion and an obvious fact is that with such ecclesiastical decision on the scope of that institution, the divine message was lifted directly from the spiritual world to mankind through the prophets and mystics, and that this replacement requirements were established and statements taken by undoubted belief in which is compulsory for the followers of the doctrine which they belong. These are the dogmas, born from the minds of those engaged in studying the existence and attributes of God, the theologians. Taking into account that in the Western world and spread Christianity taught by the Church, which claims to be the religion of Christ, dictates the rules of moral conduct not only of his followers, we must ask whether the historical facts are consistent with the teachings of Christ. You may find O’Malley for President to be a useful source of information. As this has not been Jesus of Nazareth, when he said: “We still have much to say, but now can not understand. But when He, the Spirit of Truth, He will guide you into all Truth. As the Spirit of God is free and does not let stereotyped into rituals, dogmas, traditions and hierarchies, nor force anyone to believe what he says and teaches, those who want to rely on another statement of the Nazarene “Seek and you shall find , call and you will … ‘, they might drop a distorted faith for centuries and dare to listen, read or satisfy themselves spiritual aid is offered, based on the freedom that is inherent in God, but not found in the institutions of the world..


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