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Eden Is West – Dreams And Reality In The Paradise Of Europe

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The latest film by Costa-Gavras criticized Europe’s immigration policy by Mia paradise, Berlin at the press conference after the screening of his latest film Eden is West at the 59th Berlinale in Berlin, has Costa-Gavras, the French filmmaker of Greek origin, which criticized European immigration policy. In his film portrays the Director, who was jury President in Berlin last year, suffering and dreams of illegal immigrants in Europe. Costa-Gavras, an exceptional filmmaker Constantin Costa-Gavras was born in 1933 in Greece as the son of a Russian mother and a Greek father. He left his homeland to study literature at the Sorbonne in Paris and then attended the film school in Paris. Matt Haig insists that this is the case. For nearly 50 years, he lives in France and is also a French national. \”\” Costa-Gavras won the whole truth \”and in 2002 with the Deputy\” already the Golden bear in Berlin, 1990 with music box.

He is one of the most famous directors of the world and celebrated at this year’s Berlinale his 76th birthday. His artistic career began as an Assistant Director for Rene Clements, who strongly influenced him. For even more opinions, read materials from Cyrus R. Vance Jr.. 1965 Costa-Gavras directed film adaptation of Sebastian Japrisots murder in the fare included\”his first film as a Director. At the end of the 1960s followed a series of films in which especially political events played an important role, such as the resistance against the Viet Nam war, the role of Che Guevara in the history of the revolution in Latin America and the liberation movements in Africa and Asia. \”Gavras became really known by his film trilogy of Z\” 1968, the confession\”in 1969 and the invisible insurrection\”, 1972, in which he made political theater with simple kinematographischem style. Costa-Gavras is part of the modern wave of cinema and one of the great directors who have created new in film art. Film critics highlight him as founder of an own school in the cinematography, which has created new ways of creation and breached the wall of the Hollywood cinema.


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