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Ramon Gallegos Nava

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These communities are based on three main principles: collaboration.-This is all work together to achieve a common goal. Learning to learn-the learning should be applied. Community-forming a unity within diversity. Unlike learning communities in dialogues holistas there a default goal nor a leader who Orient such communication, the purpose is to communicate in a meaningful way, listen to each other, in a process where must overcome self-centeredness, where nobody has to impress anyone, where there are no powers to impose the own ideas. This is one of the resources of education holistic where it allows us to develop humility, cooperation, responsibility, respect and participation among students. It must be taken into account that the group is not a matter personal but cultural, although personal and cultural problems are related.

When the dialogue is applied to the field of education results you usually be extraordinary, awaken the genuine values and spirituality shines. CONCLUSIONS the holistic education and spiritual intelligence of Ramon Gallegos Nava are paradigms of the 21st century. Prepares educators to new roles in our current society, living a transition of scientist/industry to a sustainable society. The responsibility to implement the new educational model because you could say that of the darkness in which we have been involved we will entering into a light, where you see things more clearly that we are acquiring a level of consciousness, where we care about our environment and the world in which we live. We are in a great change that is required in education, but we need this new paradigm or educational model landed you go implementing little by little in our schools, that we form a group of new human beings committed to living in harmony and interacting with our fellow human beings. The holistic education recognizes the multiple dimensions of the human being: physical, intellectual, aesthetic, emotional and spiritual, so walk toward the perennial ideal of an individual living in a harmonious planet La education holistic integral is a way of wisdom, love and compassion, is the art of making us aware of our true nature; It is a way of life where we allow long live on us the light of universal love.


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