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In our difficult time when the trend of life is that everything tends toward urbanization and globalization, as nonstrange, people began to appear prone to reverse the trend. Increasingly the world is growing interest in the wisdom and values different ethnic groups, rooted in the distant past. One well-known Internet resources . Ru specializing in matters of morality and values of the various ethnic peoples and cultures, gives comprehensive information and knowledge about the effect of urbanization and globalization on the nature around us, as well as on us as a whole. Why is it important to preserve their roots and traditions? Why is it important to respect the roots and traditions of other people? It's very simple. Honoring the history of our ancestors and our respect for them in developing our moral qualities.

A moral qualities, in turn, help us to more intelligently and in harmony to build relationships with world around us. Pushkin once said: "I am deeply convinced that only a cultural and moral man can be a true respect to the past." And that's what is unique web-site Ethnic Nature, so is that there is interest in history and traditions of different ethnic groups inhabit our planet. When we smorim and study this history, we are growing more and more respect for these cultures. And in addition to the interest awakened us to our own culture, to our roots and ancient traditions. Thus, the road to a happier life is through the wisdom of our ancestors. So, to summarize – the knowledge of our roots and honoring our ancestors help us spanning more qualitative and harmoniously to build our lives and make it more successful..