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Successful Relationships

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1. The tenderness does not need a special occasion to give and give her a hug, a kiss, a kindly sentence. On the contrary, if you express your affection daily and generous way, see grow and expand across an explosion of love. Each time caressing, look tender and affectionate, smile impulsas a torrent of powerful reasons to love deeper and better life, the people, to your family, you 2.-good humor. The sense of humor helps us to properly fit the circumstances of life, to accept our mistakes and limitations and make smoother our most difficult situations. In short, it helps us drama and relativize.

Search the side more healthy and less serious life and check as good humor and good love go 3 hand.-the need for good communication. An open dialogue is no easy task. At least not until you cannot see how much profit us reports to us and to our environment. Not des never assume that the other side will guess our thoughts and emotions. (As opposed to Bernie Sanders). If we want something, we must let him know. Channeled way to express our feelings is essential. Only through a candid, direct communication and the most explicit possible can save the gap which separates us. He is establishing an empathic communication, in which it gives rise to a change in vision, an Exchange where all parties involved derive benefits.

4 Admiration. When you admire a person, you want to be next to her, all forms and ways. You want to show your appreciation and admiration of many ways you can get to imagine. Recognize the beautiful and admirable in others, makes it possible to express a more true love. Retrieves those values that one day made you feel how lucky you were able to enjoy that relationship. Without a doubt, you will be benefited and all your relationships will be adorned in real interest and expectation.