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Bacteria And Food-borne Diseases Education

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Types of Bacteria Bacteria are everywhere in the air, water, soil, on our skin and our bodies. They are classified into a variety of ways, but to our purpose can be classified in a more basic. Harmless bacteria? Most bacteria fall into this category. We are neither helpful or harmful to us. These bacteria have a specific purpose, but it is a relationship to us in terms of food safety, beneficial bacteria? Believe it or not some bacteria are helpful to us. Some bacteria are used in food to make … Read More…

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Coffee Even Roast

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With this advice, everyone can roast his coffee itself how to roast coffee at home and save money the German love coffee so much so, that this black hot drink even before the beer in the statistics is located. Benefited the State first and foremost, because per kg of roasted coffee is a coffee tax of 2.19 euros. In addition come 19% VAT added (as of February 2012). But just this coffee tax can save themselves. Because the coffee tax law prescribes a taxation only for already roasted coffee. Who … Read More…

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Filiberto Rojas

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The contents of each subject, whereas knowledge allowing the challenges, solutions, play that are planned plans, actions that provide a relevant scope in the development of the company, their competitiveness and projection are designed. Taking into account the basic fundamentals that the specialist must be handled in order to give way to tools that help the Organization to use its resources and generate a positive organizational climate towards productivity and culture organizational that favors the company. Links to participants with the practical reality that the environment faces, with the problems … Read More…

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