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Many successful traders have come to market, making a career in another field. However, achieving success in the market is very different from other professional fields. Market in no hurry to encourage the personality traits that welcome in other professions. Features of your character can make you the first in the world, but not the first on the market. Then you have to become a successful trader will probably have to work on changing some of these features.

Let’s look at some of the traits are not conducive to trade. Take, for example, conformism. Climbing the stairs career ladder, it is vital to be able to feel how you fit in organization. Need to feel exactly which direction to choose leaders for the company, regardless of whether you agree with this direction or not. Conformism often preferred independence. If you worked in team, you are probably familiar to anyone that does not like people are constantly questioning the decision of the group, promoting their own ideas through the group. But in trading conformism – more disadvantage than advantage. In Ideally, traders should look for definitive answers only to himself.

They do not rely on the opinions of others, question the prevailing opinion and constantly trying to find a new trading plan before the others to win the crowd, and not follow. On conformism connected sociability. More info: Fairstead. In many professions people are working in tandem with each other. They should work in parallel with others, to feel their needs, and sometimes yield to the needs of others own. Successful traders, by contrast, are bright individualists. A trader must make independent decisions and to find the correct answer, they should look inside yourself. He wants to spend more time analyzing markets and preparing the transaction alone, rather than spend time in communion with others. Traders should find the right balance between meeting the needs of social communication and the allocation of time, own to focus on a passion for trading. Traders – creative people who take risks for themselves, independently minded and able to focus on problems of trading, taking innovative decisions. Creative potential requires independent thinking and removal from society. In many professions such traits are not welcomed, so that you may not have developed these qualities. But if you are trading full time, it is useful to develop Some of these traits. You do not have to completely change their personality, but be aware that some of the qualities that help to move forward in other areas, will not help you become a trader.