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In the March issue of the journal Psycological Science, the Jessica Tracy PhD student and Professor Richard Robins reported the result of three experiments that show that pride has a nonverbal expression that can be distinguished from other positive as happiness and exaltation emotions. People showing pride usually carries a small smile, by slightly tilting the head back, visibly expand its position and raise your arms above your head or even put hands on the waist, pictures of people in poses expressing different emotions, including possible expressions of pride were … Read More…

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THE prudence Carlos Mora Vanegas considered you a prudent person? Has it cultivated prudence? What prevents it be prudent? The truth, that within our personal interactions, and everything that helps us to grow as a person, to behave properly, reminds us that we must do so with prudence, whereas, moreover, that prudence is the virtue Act fair, proper form and cautiously, defined by the Scholastics as a straight ratio agibilium, to differentiate it from the straight art ratio factibilium. Communicate with others through a clear, literal, cautious and appropriate language. … Read More…

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