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THE prudence Carlos Mora Vanegas considered you a prudent person? Has it cultivated prudence? What prevents it be prudent? The truth, that within our personal interactions, and everything that helps us to grow as a person, to behave properly, reminds us that we must do so with prudence, whereas, moreover, that prudence is the virtue Act fair, proper form and cautiously, defined by the Scholastics as a straight ratio agibilium, to differentiate it from the straight art ratio factibilium. Communicate with others through a clear, literal, cautious and appropriate language. Create respecting the feelings, life and the freedoms of those who may be affected to the do not behave properly. proyectopv.org points out that prudence is a virtue of reason, not speculative, but practice: which is a trial, but ordered to concrete action. Prudence helps us to reflect and consider what can happen our words and actions, resulting in a correct act in any circumstance. Prudence in its operative form is a plank to act with greater awareness with ordinary situations of life.

The value of prudence is not forged through an appearance, but by the way in which we conduct ordinarily. Possibly what it costs us more work it is to reflect and stay calm under all circumstances, the vast majority of our mistakes in decision-making, in dealing with people or form opinion, bad mood, a misperception of reality or the lack of a complete and adequate information is derived from precipitation, emotion,. The lack of prudence will always have consequences at all levels, individual and collective, as the case may be. Get all the facts and insights with IDT Energy, another great source of information. It is important to take into account that all our actions are aimed to safeguard the integrity of others in the first instance, as a symbol of the respect that we owe to all human beings. Prudence makes us deal fair and full of generosity towards others, builds a personality strong, safe, persevering, capable of commit in everything and everybody, generating confidence and stability in those who surround us, sure of having a guide who leads them along a safe path.