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. We could say it has become a stranger to himself. No longer perceived as the center of the world as the creator of his own acts, on the contrary. Your actions and the consequences of these masters have been erected to those who obey or even love. The alienated person is so removed from it as any other.

It perceives itself and others, as things are perceived: the senses and all common sense, not linked productively with them and with the outside world. At present, industry, man has become in an economic atom dance to the rhythm of driving atomistic. This is your place, you should sit this way, his arm will move x cm with a range of radio and the movement time will be. 000 minutes JJ Gillespie. says about it: The work becomes increasingly repetitive and automatic, while planners, managers increasingly stripped scientific worker of his right to think and move freely. The life is being denied: for safeguard, creativity, curiosity and independent thinking are being blocked, and the result is evasion and rebellion by the worker, apathy, or destructiveness, mental regression. Nor was I could not refuse and thus demonstrates the real business life, especially in our industrial environment, this alignment enfermantea agregandosea our universities are injected to the professionals, how that managers of organizations follow a certain behavior, a leadership alienated according to imitations and error to supply, often repetitive skills, backward, not in accordance with the reality of the scenario in which they operate. A is said that modern management is much less interested in the percentage of profits be paid to shareholders as dividends in the efficient operation and expansion of the company.

It is important today, doing something that we avoid being appendix over mechanization, because if we do not release this regard, our societies increasingly more alienated you cracked and the consequences can be dire. It needs leaders, managers proactive a Industrial Engineer-manager, lawyer. EGADE (ITESM), UC. Graduate degrees in Business Administration mentioned markets, human resources, quality and productivity, education EducacionProfesor PhD holder and researcher Graduate Area Faces UC. Graduate Program Coordinator quality management and productivity, Faces, UC Consultant-Business Advisory DEPROIMCA -business environment. comEXATEC