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Vasnetsov clearly saw all the futility of their quest and gave the first authentic Russian-built modern times in Abramtsevo church, designed in Novgorod and Pskov forms. In those days it seemed a whole revelation. Vasnetsov, thus not only inspiration for all subsequent searchers Ancient Russia in the painting, but also the true father of the flow in the architecture that has found its clearest expression in the arts . That alone speaks of the huge role that befell Viktor Vasnetsov in the history of Russian art of the recent past. One of the most striking examples of the precious gift of penetration into the ancient world can be and Series Vasnetsov panel "Stone Age", performed for the Historical Museum – the only European art song, made to believe in the authenticity of these primitive people. As infinitely far away from her suspended Academic "Cain" Cormon, once so illustrious a number of generations and hangs on a place of honor in the Luxembourg Museum in Paris! And again, Vasnetsov achieves its goal of not using the exact details of the archaeological and solely by intuitive – Archaeological vigilance of the artist.

Vasnetsov panel, despite its picturesque, it is quite realistic, sustained in a decorative style that meets its intended purpose – decorate the halls of the museum. The artist happily escaped them seductive, so fashionable in France, then, of stylization. "Stone Age" – one of the most inspired his creations. The greatest glory enjoyed religious works Vasnetsov, especially his famous painting of Kiev Vladimir cathedral. Although in comparison with the above things are much weaker, but a brilliant invention, effective compositions and places genuine pathos Vasnetsov impressive impact on the viewer, completely proglyadevshego because they Vasnetsov – a genre painter and portraitist. Engulfed the church orders and enthusiastically gave them, the artist himself underestimated his wonderful gift of a psychologist and , meanwhile such works as "From apartment to apartment" at the Tretyakov Gallery or the "Preference" former Rumyantsev Museum, and portraits such as "TA Rachinsky in childhood, suggest that in the face Vasnetsov Russian art was quite exceptional wizard, not who gave everything in his power. A small picture "from one apartment to" (1876) for a sense of strength – exactly the most strong works of Perov and evokes sorrow "Poor People" Dostoyevsky. "Preference" (1879, now at the Tretyakov Gallery) – thinly-designed and well-written thing, a perfectly conveys the game of double coverage – From the moon and candles.

In Vasnetsov portraits is also its own style. Most often it is the artist's portraits of family members and relatives. Of the other known only a superb portrait Antokolsky, referring to 1880 and located in Tretyakov Gallery. In the portraits of his daughter and son, especially one that hangs in the Tretyakov Gallery, and was written in 1889, has one characteristic, specifically Vasnetsov look big, naive eyes open, which came as part of a complex whole, known as "Vasnetsov style." This view is most remembered for the famous image of Our Lady "at the altar apse Vladimir Cathedral – a success the most religious Tracks Vasnetsov. Vasnetsov eyes caused thousands of imitations, with Vladimir's Cathedral went all the innumerable variations on the theme of various Vasnetsov "Bogomazov", which in 1890-1900-ies were filled with walls of most Russian churches and who have poisoned their venom and the best prototype. Creativity Viktor Vasnetsov more than once will be re-evaluated, as all human actions, but history will definitely notice the significance of this phenomenon, for nearly 60 years, is closely associated with the Russian artistic life.