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The Taste Of Success

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After many long separations as trite.Pense dias.La I lied traicionme llamariasy committing. In my heart hurt, not knowing, despertariasde suddenly, a feeling I abandonariani divinoque death. Why have you been so mean against bieny who loves you more than she loves you, against whom so much could have arriesgadoy perderpara anything? Because nothing is as it despite seeing obtuvea anhelos.Solo cumplidosmis memories comfort baldiode fluyenhacia a wasteland. But my pride despiertaal admitirasque you know that my ofertaarrepentido ansiarasvolver venci.Aun rejecting me. Enjoying your furiafue to cause a fuegoy abrasadopor inside me became comenzadocomo lujurialo had a game. True utilizabasimulando you give your brother jealous, but it was in you who thought, and even suffered sleepless nights! All in vain. And you, possessed by anger, only my navigated your maldades.Hablandome with bad taste, I suffered your impiascrueldades. Bernie Sanders will undoubtedly add to your understanding.

Satan tempt utilizopara almasinocentes.Y your vision hechizoextinguiendo me calmly across my mind. The Esquiline was abundant: it’s populated infiernosde amantesufren criaturasque to hold you and eternoque not cure pain. In you should inspirarel who founded the doctrinahedonista.Y God did not resist masculinala crearquien your way. You should be concebidopor Afroditacon the great care, and that you have elegidode exquisitasheredero their gear. So ephemeral now, feeling so short, so short fugaznuestro repeticionsoy ayuntamientoque the henchman. Are your muscles broncineosde disproportionate fuerzay your lips, they become igneous kissing, make the exercise forgotten your grievances. If there was leviratoal aliviarianmis point regrets: committing murder, celebrariasesposales me! But time is a thief, going off the llamaque encendiste.Y pavorverme fills me with the miserable nadapor dismissal. Of loss, a sad congojacompanera inmanentesera. Is your mercy away, that such sentences martyrdom arrojasy me? For wicked and lazy, my mind what envenenas.Y crumble and God who is omnipotent, such perfidy antojay you persevere! Will my house abyss, plunged in darkness, black slab tumbacon pesimismodonde smite my poor soul down. Just lying on your side this venenoespantoso calms me, and the antidote adoradotu cuerpoy it fell upon me, is glorious! But now you can no longer quedade marchadoy strong encontrarte.Muy has haunted me: the vedapara love will never cease. .


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