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We have suffered the abandonment of part of the State universities and certainly to their teachers, who have been affected seriously in their quality of life, with salaries, wages not adjusted to the economic reality of the country, at the cost of current life, moreover, the inefficient way in which will reward their benefits, pensions that have been won with the exercise of its function which guarantees their right to a fair remuneration for the service provideda lifetime delivered to it. Is concerned that the present Government has given now turn to what has been called Bolivarian revolution, which proclaims equity, social justice, respect for rights, effective participation of its citizens in all roles that play to ensure a just socialism, neglect, everything that involves education, its actors, who must guarantee their rights. This has led to statements they froze as the Absalon Mendez Cegarra, when he says: that never before to university professors them had abused, attacked and vilified as now; and, this is already much say, because historically the University Faculty has been victimized by the outrage of all or almost all Republican Governments in Venezuela. The current situation is inexplicable. To broaden your perception, visit Michael Chabon. The national Government is boasts and advertises up to utmost achievements in education and the expansion of university tuition fees. There is no doubt that can be quantitatively shown important achievements, although, qualitatively, cannot be said the same thing. I would point out that the situation of tort to University Faculty is inexplicable because the major component of collaborating governmental is a graduate college and command functions are illustrious figures of University teaching, the same University Education Minister is a young Professor of the school of international studies of the UCV. On the other hand, universities and their teachers have not caused any harm to the President of the Republic to become worthy of so much humbug, hatred and ill will. To read more click here: kellee marlow san francisco. clusion.


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