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Counsel for indigents is a profession that is very not remunerated, decisive factor for the proper existence of counsels for indigents, beyond this factor, it has the question of the interest of the proper people in if becoming counsels for indigents, since this profession is very desgastante, being necessary great attention as for the public attendance. These and other factors contribute so that here in the Maranho it does not occur public competitions frequently, and that exactly occurring it does not possess a great attraction on the people, summarizing, so that somebody if becomes counsel for indigents, first it must be made familiar to the position of counsel for indigents, that is, it must know which the function of the counsel for indigents and its way of work. Another question that rees-echo to the Public Defensoria is the autonomy, what it could really guarantee the effectiveness of this public agency and the proper access to justice. Although already supported and recognized for the STJ (Superior Court of Justice), he would also need the participation of the STF (Superior Federal Court) so that he possessed greater autonomy, thus being able to manage situations, processes or too much cases for proper itself. The question of the infrastructure, the number of employees and the proper essential resources for the accomplishment of the cabveis functions to the counsels for indigents, as much in cabinets, processes and in the administrative area also exists.

It possesss, therefore, a great demand of processes and cases to decide, but it does not possess the adequate number of defenders who can supply the necessities of all. In So Paulo, for example, the number of counsels for indigents is 10 times bigger that in the Maranho and exactly thus do not obtain to take care of to all. On the access to justice, in particular, to the public defensoria in the Maranho, still it exists in the people, in our culture, of that it has the necessity to face lines hours before the schedule of functioning of the Public Defensoria, that old was become fullfilled of second to fifth to the 8 hours of the morning, being you deliver passwords in this schedule, causing many times lines since the previous day, making until the people passed night and the dawn, to be taken care of in the following day, however, with the change of localization of the building of the Public Defensoria, before located in the Center in So Lus and transferred to the Reviver, the side of the theater Joo of the Valley, became unnecessary that the people were waiting hours and hours until they were taken care of.


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