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What we know about advertising? First, the fact that her very much, and often it is annoying, for example, when the climbs in the most interesting of the film. But it turns out that there is advertising, which is more interesting the movie itself. This is so called the art of advertising. An example of such art can serve as an advertising project 'pedestrian'. Details can be found by clicking Bert Convy or emailing the administrator. People in a stylish black clothes impress. Founders of the project – the company Yvette Helin. People showed unprecedented imagination, making this advertising project was considered an art form. Advertising as art was commonplace in the 50's in America.

As can be seen, they are in this business are well advanced. This pop art, which is very differs from modern advertising. It is clear that the creativity of Andy Warhol does not go unnoticed. Look at these happy faces, that with such pleasure advertised goods. So certainly poveresh So enjoy art in advertising, though it may sound strange, but it really is!


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