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Balance In Life

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Our priorities turn around our rolls in each of these areas: worker, father or mother, husband (a), friend (a), colleague, industralist (a), spiritual life. These rolls, in many cases, are in imbalance. Perhaps we spend many hours to the day to our labor activity, and neglect our roll of husband (a) or father/mother. Sometimes we run out ourselves working as much to the point to neglect our health. Other times we focused so much in our family that we lose of view the people who are to ours around.

Sometimes we lose the sense of proportion and balance. Now, balance does not mean to live according to estatus quo, or to develop a mentality of to maintain the things as they are, remaining obstinate to the change. Rum Jenson speaks of two classes of balance: one static and another dynamic one. The static balance, lacks dynamism; he is passive and reactive; it is closed to the change. Whenever Author listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Whereas the dynamic equilibrium is active; it looks for the adaptation; it is abierto to the change. To balance the life also includes to maintain an internal balance between the needs of the moment and our inclination natural, according to the characteristics of our personality and ingrained habits: direction towards results versus.

emphasis in the process, tasks versus. people, structure versus. spontaneity, pragmatism versus. dreams. 7. I will weigh anchor towards my goal, taking care of of the others I make an effort in serving me the others? I have a direction to contribute to the satisfaction of the needs of others? To optimize our life is pronounced in the type of relations that we have with other people. It is demonstrated in the testimony of a person who radiates in her deal with the other love, harmony, fairness, gentility and wisdom. It are expressed in richer, edifying, deep and permanent relations personal.


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