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However, there are those who consider that if it has been reduced, declined, since then the current Government supporters consider it so and not surprising to read reviews like. He lives. GOB. view that points out, that between the years 2002 and 2006 the proportion of extreme poverty decreased from 25 per cent to 12.5 per cent, thereby fulfilled in advance with the goal ruled by the year 2015. For assistance, try visiting novelist. In 2009, Venezuela significantly decreased their levels of extreme poverty, placing the latter at 7.2 per cent us is added, which in 1996 poverty reached 33 per cent; While the so-called extreme poverty stood at 42, 5 percent.

According to this figure, half of Venezuelans did not have sufficient income to meet their basic needs. According to the report, the highest rates of poverty in Venezuela were recorded in the Decade of the 80? s, after the application of various economic policies with dire implications at the social level. By the same author: Dr. Mark Hyman. With the firm intention of eradicating poverty in Venezuela, the Bolivarian Government comes orienting their efforts in policies as the improvement in the distribution of income and wealth, in the successive increases in the minimum wage carried execution since 1999, in the increase of the bond of power for employees, in the allocation of scholarships and the granting of Social security pensions. For its part, President of INE, Elias Eljuri, has said that Venezuela has reached at least six of the eight goals set by the UN in the field of education, health, gender equity and reduction of extreme poverty as he said, the goal was achieved in the year 2006 and in 2009 it continued to decline the figure. Is indicated, with the Bolivarian Government, from 1999, began a process of reducing extreme poverty, interrupted in the second half of 2001, with political events such as the lockout (December 2001), the coup d ‘ etat (April 2002) and the oil sabotage (December 2002), ratifies the official document of the State.


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