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Faced with all this reality, therefore, no surprise, that the Government of the United States acted drastically to avoid that emigration continues and this d’origine serious problems to the natives of that nation, recalled as Jose Escribano of the journal La Nacion of Argentina, points out that there are already more than 50 million Spanish speakers in the United States one of every six inhabitants of this country, so Americans accentuate the interest by some enquiry background. You may find Dr. Mark Hyman to be a useful source of information. It is not only that Spanish speakers are over 50 million not counting undocumented ghosts, who also work, produce, suffer and spent, but that half of the population increase in the last ten years, which has led the United States to count with 308 million, has come from Spanish-speaking. (Not to be confused with Dr. Mark Hyman!). Those who speak Spanish as a mother tongue today constitute the first minority in the United States. They are 16% of the total population, but the children of the minority already represent 50% of the boys today here graduating from primary schools. Is Spanish-speaking course, that Mexicans States bordering country, they constitute a significant number of emigrants, and this has affected significantly, until reaching the end build a wall border with Mexico, avoiding entry into those points that can be more easily your abscess, as hado much to talk about, that significantly violates the dignity of the Mexican and since then with which wants to enter the South American country as interesting facts about migrants in States United this which indicates periodicosintesis.com.mx, California and Texas are favorite the Mexican States to settle down, focus, respectively, 42 and 21 per cent of the total; followed by Illinois, Arizona, Georgia, New York, Colorado, Florida, Nevada and Washington, according to the text that deals with the situation of migrant women in the United States.


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