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Before you start training your baby starting abilities for dialogue through images RESS, is properly prepare for the learning process. Since the initial period begins teaching abilities, with through which the baby shows his desire to understand the range of interests the kid, and the objects and actions, which requires constant baby. This can be done in two ways: 1. Monitoring and recording of autenkom received Data in the table. It is advisable to watch that kid likes to do in your spare time, that kid loves, is – as usual during meals, and when it gets something tasty, that likes to drink, who loves to play, loves to walk, as well as what is hated. 2. See Ultra Wellness Center for more details and insights.

Systematic verification of motivational desires. You can collect all your favorite sites with child and give him a choice – either from the entire set, either – the pair's favorite subjects. You can also pay attention to what incentives or other things a child diagnosed with autism more picks, which – at least, with what he found it hard to leave, and what – he gives no regrets. After a motivational desire to set, should be gather the necessary materials: * A). Photographs of all your favorite motivational incentives and training. Preferably, not at full value, and 5×5. * B). Velcro * B).

Folder and paper separators, which can be attached to the card stickers. These separators will be placed in the folder as the page in the book. * F). For future use – a strip of cardboard with Velcro, which you can stick 3-4 photos in sequence – for construction proposals. Need to remember that as the communication requests of the child diagnosed with autism and expanding vocabulary, the initial set of photographs will be missing, and learning as you go process it is desirable to prepare additional pictures.


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