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This will allow more visual space. Marvin It also suggests a central glass table to enlarge visual space. 5 Curves. Given that most of the departments are square type, it’s fun to add some curves. Libby Langdon, a consulting firm for small spaces on HGTV, Big Style, much used this trick in their small spaces show. She suggests tables, curved chairs and rugs that are not square or adorned with figures such as spirals and points. 6 Lighten your life with a carpet. Lightweight rug can open your room and it feels bigger, says Langdon.

If your Department comes with dark carpet or wall to wall, cover it with a carpet in a lighter tone. 7 Priorities, priorities! Because small spaces are very limited, it is necessary to determine their priorities and plan accordingly, says Marvin. Some people need a desktop, but not a dining area. Some people prefer a living room and will be decided by a folding bed. Make that the space of work for your needs and not pointy in what must be a traditional home. It is your House!.

8. Add layers. Contrary to what is thought, small spaces don’t have to renounce a bed with plenty bedspreads and blankets. Layers, fabrics and an elegant combination of colours, prints and pillows can make a space seem airy and give depth to what is almost always one of the major pieces in the apartment. The elaboration of layers is synonymous with luxury, and that is a small aspect of the strategy itself. If the space is small, why not it may seem to a luxurious hotel room? says Marvin. 9 Hide bed. Solution pair small spaces is returning is the hide bed in a closet or under a table. There are new designs of beds that meet this. And according to the designer Dawn Burns-Pratt, ASID, they look better than ever. 10. Floating objects. The owner of amazing spaces, LLC in Briarcliff Manor, NY, love the designer Jason Landau, Mount floating shelves, where there is a space. You can buy shelves finished in KIWIFRUIT local or, if you prefer to purchase wooden planks (cut to size) and make them yourself, says Jason. Because they float, this type of shelving adds large storage areas, and they give an elegant and contemporary look. And then focus on filling them, he says. Books of kitchen, vitamins, salt and pepper shakers, teas, sweeteners, all small appliances can be stacked and stored so that no space to live. Source: Tips to decorate spaces small original author and source of the article.


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