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INTRODUCTION Has God in our hearts show what he thinks about something that bothers all of us, irritate us and causes us pain, especially if it comes from people we love: the disdain, contempt, scorn. Let us reflect today on this despicable disregard reality, starting to say she is one of those things that need to be killed, they deserve to be killed, that are worthy of being killed. But what do we mean when we speak of itself "contempt"? What is that? The Royal Academy dictionary defines it as: "Rejection, lack of appreciation, slight, disdain." It is something that is inherently underestimate valuable because God gave that value. Check your life a bit now. Maryland Governor may help you with your research. Evaluate your attitudes, your behavior, your actions, your words and try to find which manifestations of contempt in your life to yourself, others or to any kind of thing: WHAT HAVE YOU, YOUR SPOUSE, YOUR HOME, YOUR PASTORS , their talents, their time, BROTHERS. 1 – WHEN THE CONTEMPT live in your home If you have made a thorough evaluation and sincerity can conclude that sometimes, or the worst ever, the contempt is installed in your home and walks through each of the areas of marital life. How many times have you despised the opinion of your spouse to take any kind of decision? How many times have you neglected something your partner does or says to love? How many times have ignored the effort she makes to cook a dish, enlist their clothes, having ordered his house and practice as a housewife? How many times have you bought for your valuables while she buy anything cheap? How many times has missed the whole day without being interested in talking with your spouse? How many times has your spouse compared with others to conclude that has less strengths and more weaknesses? How many times have spoken ill of his spouse or has been ridiculed or mocked in front of their friends or relatives? How many times have preferred to stay a few beers with his buddies instead of going home to spend quality time with your partner or your family? How many times have invented more craft in his work because it gives "hartera" go home early? But how many times have you thought that your home is the worst, that your partner is the worst, that their laws are the worst, that your spouse is the cause of all their woes, their incomes are very bad, that your home is a disaster, that maybe he married the wrong person, it was better to separate or take time to be ashamed of living where you live, do not deserve to live in that neighborhood, that their children are not worth that has lost its next time your partner, your partner is mediocre because they earn more money, etc, etc? As you've been able to observe each of these attitudes or thoughts are simply manifestations of contempt. .


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