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The equipment purchaser has several possibilities of machinery to choose from. the choose depends on where he wants to use it and how much he wants to get the finished product. There are two main groups of tools: with welded and casting bed. Welded frame is cheaper than a cast and will be a good choice when a customer profiling involves harvesting a small amount, if production volumes are small enough and at the same time parameters or the size of small billets, for example, when processing baseboards, trims, linings. If the user is going to profile a piece large enough cross-section or are to be used machine in a heavy three-shift, it is recommended to use the machine with a cast frame. Four-machines can be used in different branches of woodworking. There are four-sided machines designed exclusively for direct chip lamellae, ie for direct slicing pieces with one or more parties.

Also, four-machines can be used for the manufacture of specialized products such as casings, baseboards, floor board, linings and other molded products with a different kind of profile. In addition, these machines can perform operations on the saw cut blanks of complex structure on the slats. To do this at the last machine spindle is established block saws, which is precisely perform this operation. Depending on the complexity of the profile used machines, usually with the number of spindles from 4 to 8. It is obvious that the more complex profile product, the more spindles in the machine to a single pass to obtain the required surface quality of processing. In some cases, four-machine can be equipped with such options as increasing the feed rate, increase the number of spindle speed, the installation of automatic devices for positioning spindles Spindle drive 20 kW, as well as universal and multiple heads. An important condition achieving quality in handling is also the use of a qualitative tool. Preference is given to the following producers of high quality tool: Leitz, Witox, .

The most famous producers four-way machines are European manufacturers such as Weinig, A. Costa, Martin, Casolin, Casadei, Sicar, Griggio, as well as other manufacturers from Germany and Italy. In recent years there has been increased interest in the machines, manufactured with the technical Control of major European and American manufacturers in South-East Asia, such as Taiwan, China and Korea. Of the latter group most noteworthy production machines Taiwanese Chang Iron Works, which for all its high-performance, namely: flow rate – up to 30 m / min., the number of spindles from 4 to 8; Spindle motor power 7,5 kW; cast bed (standard), weighing from 5 to 12 tons, have attractive prices in the range of 25 to 45 thousand U.S. dollars, including delivery, installation and warranty service.


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