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Climate Control In Miniature Format

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Data logger for temperature and relative humidity in Bielefeld, button cell size 18.07.2012 – the ButtonLogger number of DetekTron is extended to the very small, robust and unobtrusive data logger SL54TH acquisition of humidity and temperature. Humidity and temperature sensor, battery, micro-controller, real-time clock, memory for up to 8,000 readings and the interface for the communication are in the large button cell housing with dimensions of only o17x6mm. This data logger used typically to record the conditions of storage and transport of art, electronic products or foods such as cereals but in particular also for the setting and checking of air conditioners. May the precise recording of temperature and humidity and consequently the determination of the dew point as on exterior walls and corners to an important task by the energy refurbishments of newly isolated residential and office buildings are. With its small dimensions, this ButtonLogger even in the presentation area records completely unobtrusive at various points at the same time on the indoor climate. So, a potential problem can be quickly recognized with condensation on walls and prevents mould in corners of the room. The range of the SL54TH is in the temperature range between-20 C to + 85 C and the relative humidity range between 0 and 100%. A built-in Teflon membrane protects the humidity sensor, so that the data logger can be used in environments where condensation or splash or rain water is likely.

The logger with back fuehrbarem calibration certificate is available on special request on the accuracy of the readings. The SL54TH is configured with the powerful data logger software TempIT and read out. The following values can be defined: resolution of measured values, sampling rate, possibly especially to monitoring alarm thresholds and limits, the preferred method of storage and where necessary a description of the monitoring task. In the evaluation of the measured data with TempIT, the history of the dew point and the absolute humidity can are calculated and displayed automatically in addition to the directly recorded measured values for temperature and relative humidity. With the appropriate configuration the user when transferring data to the PC can be made automatically aware a maturing recalibration.

Communication with the computer and the software TempIT is an interface cable that is available for the USB – as well as for the EIA232 interface. But even without a computer can locally either on a battery-powered hand printer a protocol of the measured values are created or controlled via the alarm readout unit just complying with the set limits. More information can be found under sl54th.detektron.de. PRESS contact Norbert Elsbernd ISEDD GmbH business unit DetekTron-Gustav-Babu-str. 11 33719 Bielefeld fax: 0521-97176-190 Tel: 0521-97176-290 eMail: the ISEDD GmbH is specialized as Engineering Office on the development of customer-specific solutions for production and measuring technology in different sectors.In the new business area of DetekTron sales were bundled together by standard instruments for measurement and control technology and industrial electronics.


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