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Conference Call Is Not The Same Conference:

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Quality, safety and service make the difference of Berlin, 05.11.2010 – Conference calls save time and money: despite great distances to communicate easily from the desktop with colleagues, customers and partners without time – and cost-intensive business trips. But Conference is not the same conference call. What should companies pay attention so when choosing your conferencing provider? More and more providers promise cheap Conference calls and lure companies offering free entry. The differences in quality are however serious and should not be underestimated. Companies that pay attention solely on the price of the provider, are often disappointed.

Often, the service is technically not reachable or the lines not available. Also the information exchanged are sometimes inadequately protected from unwanted listeners. That does not surprise me! “, says Tony E. Kula, CEO and founder of meetyoo conferencing GmbH. quality, safety, service, and all for nothing? The does not work. Everyone knows that a professional product has a price to pay.” Therefore, companies in the choice of their conference service not only on the price should pay attention.

Quality and availability of access and security are other important criteria. No one needs a conference call, in which the language quality is poor or no dial-in the Conference at all is possible in a professional business environment. In a private setting that is perhaps more justifiable but definitely not in the business”, Kula. He therefore sets with meetyoo on quality, safety and service. This quality promise pays off. meetyoo, Germany today among the largest and most successful conference providers. But what distinguishes meetyoo from cheap providers? Quality rather than failures meetyoo stands for a consistently high quality. First and only conferencing provider in Germany has meetyoo a quality management according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 specifically for the scope of conferencing introduced (y00.biz/zbk8mm). We monitor our service around the clock and can respond within a very short time, if a problem should occur.


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