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Martats me in February, turned 27 and now wanted to see the world. Since I have been Au-pair in Germany, and I know a good German, I would be the easiest way to get started in Austria. Looked at your forum, and realized that the country takes the girls to 28 years. My the question is this: if I’m going to actively look for a family (this may take, say, a month), then open a visa (it will take approximately 2-3 months), then eventually I’ll have to leave the family after about 7 months after entry, or to enter the main performance for 28 years, and there may be a year already inhabit? If we consider the option of Denmark. English I know is bad, but the site Danish Consulate in the number of languages mean and German, Does this mean that English and I can not take in obtaining a visa? Lunaj Au-Pair in Austria is obliged to leave the country in the course of 28 years.

That is, to go on the program for a year, the participant should find a family and get a visa before performance for 27 years. In this regard, Austria – not the most optimal variant for you, as a family for six months to find it would be difficult. As for Denmark, it really can go on the program and with the knowledge of German, but here have difficulty in finding just the German-speaking family. For future program participants with knowledge of English to find a family easier. But judging by your data, Denmark, for you – the best option! There is a time for searching the family and for obtaining a visa, and full participation in the program itself, as well as to tighten before leaving his English. Martats Ie it turns out that the embassy when submitting documents to Denmark with me to communicate in German, if family will be Russian or German? And a small question for: if there is a family of six months in Austria, then at the expiration of the term, am I entitled to apply to Denmark or Norway.

The forum read what the third time already not, whether it concerns only those who have lived in the Scandinavian countries or no difference? Lunaj Yes, the embassy will test knowledge of German. There is no difference, but this is Denmark. And you can apply, it is not forbidden, so only failure more than likely.


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