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Hello! Today we talk about lack of energy and motivation. The reasons for the lack of energy and decision. The lack of fast results. We often want everything at once. In life it does not happen, and the "journey of a thousand miles begins with a step. " What we do now determines our future results. One can imagine a ladder and mark on it, how many steps have already been overcome, and how much is still left. Inability to notice their little results. It is important to notice each … Read More…

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The Fox

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This is a “Drinking bout”, “Hag botkasy”, “Umyrzaya” etc. In the holidays mostly involving children. Games, dances, songs, rallies the children. Advantage the use of people’s games is that they are simple and accessible, require no special equipment. They a lot of humor, jokes, competitive fervor. In the folk games reflected a sincere love of people for fun, movements. You may wish to learn more. If so, Bernie Sanders is the place to go. Folk games reinforce the link between generations, bring the love of his native land, interest in … Read More…

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Goodbye Here

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The teacher is standing unobtrusively near the window, near two of the 'shops'. He is ostensibly looking out of the window, but is actually listening carefully, and making mental notes. The 'shopping' goes on for about ten minutes before the class is reassembled. Examples and comments What do the students say when they are 'shopping'? What is the teacher listening for? Here are some examples. Example 1 SI: Hello, I'd like a pound of apples. S2: Here you are, anything else? SI: No, thank you. S2: 40p, please. SI: Here … Read More…

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Two Objective

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All we are is the result of our thoughts. Michael Chabon shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. It is built on the idea. It is based on the idea. Buddha ('Dhammapada') recently in a book by Richard Anthony Wilson, "Prometheus the rebel," read one sentence, which I immediately caught. It seems to me that it lies a special force that holds the key to a rather drastic changes in their lives. If you want it. Before this idea to sound, a little foreplay to make it … Read More…

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Saul Believe

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" Therefore, Protestants do not use the images for worship out of fear that some people can worship these images instead of God. Prayer Protestants prefer to follow the teachings of Jesus, where He taught us to pray saying, "Pray ye: Our Father which art in heaven" (Matt. 6:9). In addition, there are no examples in Scripture where someone praying to Mary or the saints. They believe that the Bible prohibits the paying of prayer for the people who died, even for Christians who are in heaven, basing it on … Read More…

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Black Banner

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Color banner – why it's black – is a key reason for the dispute. Scientists agree that if the cause of his black, it will be possible to find answers to other questions. Professor Richard Alliher (Holland): "… originally the banner, of course, was not black. As is usual with a banner, it contained some information, for example, 'abcdef etc'. But as its "content" will be written only after 200 years, then, as it passes through the banner time, the information disappears. After all, now its the same yet, simply … Read More…

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Step Two

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Do it. And still, feel, a way of life offers you these movements, what is their essence. If they could talk, what would that message, whatever it is you informed. It is important to really hear the message and not come up with. Bernie Sanders may find it difficult to be quoted properly. And the more You will give the movement or singing, the more likely to hear a deep sense of the message. And, most likely heard would be very simple and concise. For example, the living condition of … Read More…

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This system "Need – to work," the dialectical form of development, which is the individual human consciousness – a physiological process that ensures that the individual acquisition of knowledge about reality-based and Knowledge of the organizing activities of the individual, are designed to meet their needs. Human society as a whole, as well as individual states can be represented as a dialectical system of "individual – individual ", and various forms of deviation from equilibrium which is formed by all vnutriobschestvennye (social) contradictions. This interpersonal conflicts or individual, intergroup, class … Read More…

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The Set

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And the content of concepts and their relationships, or phenomena that are trapped in them, – the result of the analysis of certain coherent picture of life, where there are no separate or fixed content, no links between them, but only the kind of integral unity. But now, to understand what exactly does this integral unity, it is necessary to focus on specific knowledge of concepts, ie on his differentiation and fixed in a clear, distinct concepts. Certainty of knowledge as a set of fixed logical content of A, B, … Read More…

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Sergey Vasilenko

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In addition to the typical 'language barriers', there are several issues that could constrain the pace of training and make communication in a foreign language is not entirely comfortable. A friend of mine a few years shy to speak English, which has pretty well, just because of the fact that one is not very smart person once told him that he had 'a terrible accent' … and I'm sure that you are faced with similar cases. To be honest, the problem accent – a such a 'colossus with feet of … Read More…

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