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Longdistance Education

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The courses of formation of professors are several whom if they had used of the modality of long-distance Education (EAD). One of the first projects to glimpse the formation of educators was the Institute of Broadcasting of the State of the Bahia (IRDEB) in the period of 1969 up to 1977. One of the projects that significant impact in the formation of professors had ' ' leigos' ' it was without a doubt, ' ' LOGOS' '. Project LOGOS was born in 1973 through seeming 699/72 of the Ministry of the Education. LOGOS I if constituted as an experimental stage of the project, with the direction of if establishing the effectiveness of the materials and ways that would be used in the course. LOGOS II was developed in the phase of expansion of the project in national level. LOGOS II was disactivated in the Center of Education Technician of Brasilia (CETEB) in 1990, being substituted for the Program of Valuation of Magistrio (PVM). This program started to be implanted in 1992, following the same molds of LOGOS II.

The PVM takes care of the professors who need since the formation of 1 degree until the specific formation of the teaching. Project FUNTEVE was born in 1985 under the domain of ' ' opening poltica' ' Brazilian. Thus the perspective of formation of the professors in the FUNTEVE had as base the preparation for a school more critical and contextualizada from the reality partner, economic and politics. Project FUNTEVE had as objective to work with the professors the participation in the democratization process and development of a new reality. The first state that used the emissions of the National System of Radiodifuso Educativa (SINRED) and of the Brazilian Company of Telecomunicaes (EMBRATEL) was the state of the Mato Grosso of the South. The proposal initial was to make the expansion of the net after the experience in this state.


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