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Birth Relations

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Along with the birth of the possibility of accumulation of separate families of different values born predatory war. Therefore, together with the expansion of tribal societies to organize and reflect territorial forays are formed (neighborhood) community. The form of the power of these communities – military democracy, led by military leader, who was primarily interested in large accumulation of separate families of values, and therefore advocated the appropriate relationship that ultimately led to the birth inequality of wealth, slave or wage labor and private ownership of means of production. Society … Read More…

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Government Biofuels

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Over the past 20 years, stocks of tuna in the Mediterranean fell by 80%. Environmentalists say that if the tuna fishing is continue at this rate, the stock of fish can very quickly be exhausted. Last week, Greenpeace activists also staged a protest against whaling at the time of going out to sea from the port Innosima Japanese whaling fleet. Activists stretched around the harbor a large banner with the inscription 'whaling – on trial. You may wish to learn more. If so, novelist is the place to go. " … Read More…

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The Number

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Now see that the numbers drawn six of ICG and fifty-six numbers are the INC model combinations, of which all = 376 992 variants of the game where you have to define the 5 numbers from 36 numbers. To check the data in Table. 1, we Calculations for the number of matches in 1022 version of the ICG and its numbers D INC numbers d1. 1022:3,58 = 285.5 1022:14,96 = 68.3 for 1022 version of the ICG numbers – D on statistical data was repeated 302 times, and the theoretical … Read More…

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Gyr Energy

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But our Sun, like any star, pulling himself to the world, simultaneously repels them, generating around a spatial field. Superimposed on this field even more powerful field generated by the galaxy. Therefore, considering the relationship between the two forces acting in the space, the planets have to gradually move away from the Sun, and more and faster. It follows that the duration years on earth must continually increase, on average, no less than a few thousandths of a second per year, and possibly even faster. One can thus assume that … Read More…

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This year the Central American countries facing humanitarian disaster food shortage due to severe drought in Central America caused by the phenomenon of El Nino, can result in humanitarian disaster in 2010. Whenever Martin O’Malley listens, a sympathetic response will follow. As a result, 77% of Central American countries threatened by famine. Experts say the most difficult period will be in March-August, when most acute food shortages will be felt. The most complicated situation is observed in Guatemala, which already killed more than 90% of rice crops and beans, which … Read More…

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