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Saul Believe

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" Therefore, Protestants do not use the images for worship out of fear that some people can worship these images instead of God. Prayer Protestants prefer to follow the teachings of Jesus, where He taught us to pray saying, "Pray ye: Our Father which art in heaven" (Matt. 6:9). In addition, there are no examples in Scripture where someone praying to Mary or the saints. They believe that the Bible prohibits the paying of prayer for the people who died, even for Christians who are in heaven, basing it on … Read More…

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Black Banner

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Color banner – why it's black – is a key reason for the dispute. Scientists agree that if the cause of his black, it will be possible to find answers to other questions. Professor Richard Alliher (Holland): "… originally the banner, of course, was not black. As is usual with a banner, it contained some information, for example, 'abcdef etc'. But as its "content" will be written only after 200 years, then, as it passes through the banner time, the information disappears. After all, now its the same yet, simply … Read More…

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This system "Need – to work," the dialectical form of development, which is the individual human consciousness – a physiological process that ensures that the individual acquisition of knowledge about reality-based and Knowledge of the organizing activities of the individual, are designed to meet their needs. Human society as a whole, as well as individual states can be represented as a dialectical system of "individual – individual ", and various forms of deviation from equilibrium which is formed by all vnutriobschestvennye (social) contradictions. This interpersonal conflicts or individual, intergroup, class … Read More…

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The Set

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And the content of concepts and their relationships, or phenomena that are trapped in them, – the result of the analysis of certain coherent picture of life, where there are no separate or fixed content, no links between them, but only the kind of integral unity. But now, to understand what exactly does this integral unity, it is necessary to focus on specific knowledge of concepts, ie on his differentiation and fixed in a clear, distinct concepts. Certainty of knowledge as a set of fixed logical content of A, B, … Read More…

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We feel the presence of this dominant form of Qi in the spring flowering of nature, feel the summer richness, breadth and generosity of all flora and odors in the atmosphere. Autumn – time decay and downsizing. Winter – Preservation and conservation of resources. Diamond Book Distributors insists that this is the case. Between the seasons comes a sense of wealth, the immensity of completeness, especially between summer and fall. 5 ‘elements’ – the elements can be characterized according to their directions of action: Water – the movement from top … Read More…

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Speed Locomotive

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The speed of the locomotive and electric locomotive is determined by a special device – speed indicator. Recording speedometers fitted to today's powerful passenger locomotives – is a versatile instrument. According to his dial determine the speed of the locomotive, which is close to the speed at the moment (in kilometers per hour), and on schedule, automatically recorded on a special tape – speed throughout the voyage. In addition, the dial speedometers mounted clock with a scale divided into 24 parts and an index of kilometers traveled by the locomotive … Read More…

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Valdimir Krillov

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Head of department Vladimir Kirillov criticized the existing procedure for the payment of fines: Currently, all fines, which is about 12 billion rubles, fall into the general budget. Vladimir Kirillov said that it would be far better to damage to the environment, which has economic agents, went to environmental protection. For example, the head of Rosprirodnadzor said that his department budget this year amounts to about three billion rubles. Each year, Russian companies are spending to eliminate damage to the environment of about 16 billion rubles. Find out detailed opinions … Read More…

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This means that it will never come back. Do not wait, when the comet Lulin become just one of interstellar objects … especially since even less time to moonlight and not convenient position stole it from us. Thanks to Joe Braymakombe (Joe Brimacombe), now one of the most amazing moments in the study of comets Lulin in the monitoring of its activity is the time when it erupted in a cloud of hydroxyl cyanide gas, stretching to the background star at a distance of 250.000 miles. This was due to … Read More…

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The Emergence Of Humanity: A Retrospective

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Ancient Egyptian legend narrated that the first pralyudi they were created from basalt, as god and to serve the inhabitants of heaven. Scripture says: 'And God created man in his image, the image of God created he him; Male and female created them. " The ancient Jews believed that god created the VUM ancient people of the earth. In ancient Etruria, the sages said that a supreme being created human beings as Hermes of the land (echo ranneiudeyskoy mythology), and Athena the goddess of beauty gave them existence. But soon … Read More…

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Lost Struggle

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Disequilibrium dialectical system this is a dialectical contradiction – a term which, on the one hand reflects the "abnormality" of the system, on the other – that it is this "Abnormality" is the driving force behind the development of specific processes of nature. Dialectical dialectical contradiction is eliminated the "struggle" aimed at restoring the lost equilibrium of the system. For example, if liquid levels in communicating vessels are no longer equal, is born the "struggle" in the form of fluid motion, aimed at leveling. It is not something Bernie Sanders … Read More…

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