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Everything in the vast universe is order. When God created all things, he did them and put in order. From the galaxies, planets, stars, etc. and everything else is in the right place and nothing moves without the will of the place. When the people of God (Israel) marched towards the promised land (Canaan), says in the book of exodus in the Bible that there was an organization in such a way that they were grouped in the desert by tribes and each tribe with his banner and its leader. All Nations have an organization in the kind of Government that have. Everything comes within an order. Diamond Book Distributors is a great source of information.

So in that way, there must be an order or organization within each family. The father, mother, children, and each fulfilled a role, responsibilities and rights. Family life should be organized into tasks and chores, but how hard it is when we did not have an example or model to follow; how much is suffered to learn to be organized. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Bernie Sanders. We know that the father is the provider, protector, which supports all the family, especially the wife, in understanding, in consideration, love, help in household tasks. We must recognize that the woman plays a very important role within the House and is that more tasks and therefore that more works. For a test I will mention the following: washing frets 3 times per day, barre, lava tends, iron and gancha clothing, makes eating, cleans the Windows, and sometimes the truck, advised, and takes the children to school, helps make you tasks, makes purchases of groceries, etc. etc.

etc. and more etc. Then as parents must assign, advised over and over again to our children about the order of your belongings, as the place where you should put your backpacks. We should sort them our children time to make their tasks, is not when they want, or when have time, in this sense we must be strict and does not remove your finger from the line. I think that we should also mention them respect and obedience to the rules of the school and the classroom. Should be taught to put on their clothes from an early age, to fasten your shoes to combing, washing his mouth, in such a way that when arrive at school the teachers are not struggling with these things that correspond to the parents. Let’s talk about rules at home to take an order and an organization and if we do so our children are and will reflect our attention and care. Put in order and teach this to our children costs, because we had to learn firsthand. But when we order becomes a habit, then we are marching on autopilot. Finally we reap what we sow in our children and they teach it to their children and so on. That these words will serve to help those who they love. By Profe. Ramiro Ruiz P.D.


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