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Great Aberration

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So great aberration! Republic has little was commented on the expenses with the manufacture of maharajahs in the Senate of ours almost inconsequente! It was a wage avultado for employees who not even beat the point! People who there are hung in hangers to pull the bag of plus one another imcompetent person and thus, successively, however adding an exuberant amount spend with these, and with certainty they do not have nor superior course. There they had entered there led for promises of campaigns, had seated, they moored the chair in the waist and good bye people underneath! . That conscience has that one corja of disembarassed, in relation to the growth of the country? What think they on the improvement of the quality of Brazilian education, on mazelas and poverty of the people? That in its majority, they are really poor for not having ways to grow due to the disobediences in this country without control, job, dignity. Source: John Mclaughlin. Where the made a mistake one is certain the certainty is missed! These disobediences, improbity, are, lately, provoking NAUSEAS IN the PEOPLE WHO REALLY WORK THEY LOVE THIS COUNTRY! When we hear the falao, mainly, wanting to moor more and more trouxas in the parties, that no valley nothing, only are there for increasing the corruption, taking the money of the people, without if worrying in dividing, first place a good parcel to supply the vital necessities of the Brazilians! The people knows mainly that who commands, in Brazil, goes up to a pedestal and if he finds owner of that place. Therefore, it is not possible that it does not have only one to fight the extreme profit and me the distribution of the public money to minimize the poverty, especially in the area of the health. It is not possible so great safadeza of these inconsequentes homnculos, that if president of this one of male and commanded the ticket of these usurpers for a bolter is possible that he is not one to count as that house badly is directed.


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