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Keys To Success Part I

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The desire for success is something intrinsic to the human being. The great American psychologist Abraham Maslow, in his famous pyramid of needs, reveals the fallback for these needs as part of the success, extending its reach to self-realization of human beings, what we might call, the crystallization of the coveted success. But, the success is not only a need or a desire, it is a right of every man and every woman who are aware of their origin, a divine origin; It is a be creator successful who all has made it perfect. Thus the things, the aspiration to success must be constant and its achievement requires some actions that I call, keys to success. In this article I mention just a few. Without a doubt, the reader will have in mind many others, which together that we expose and put into practice, will help us to be what we deserve, successful people. Be aware of its potential if not value ourselves, nobody will do it for us. To succeed at anything in life, it is We are aware of our potential to do this and that we have the ability to achieve all of our goals, by difficult that they seem necessary.Being aware of our potential means to know what are the skills that God has placed at our disposal, what those talents are and how much we have been deparados.

We must remember that we have been put on this earth with different talents. Thus the Bible, describes him when compared the talents or gifts to the members of the human body, not all members are feet, nor all hands, however, not for that reason cease belong to the body and have specific functions that other members could not take place. This brings us, then, be aware of two basic aspects: who we are and what is our task in the land, and once aware of this, develop and apply our skills to achieve the goals that lead us to success, success that, ultimately, will be the success of the whole body: his family, his team, society in general.


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