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Germany’s weiblichstes startup goes with customized bags online Berlin, 4 December 2012 – Project OONA come true the dream of every woman to stand out from the crowd and to bring their personality. OONA, adapted from the Irish, means the unique”and so he offers the possibility of different basic models, colors and materials to choose from and to design a unique bag new online shop trendsetters. These can be ordered with a mouse click. There are already similar formats for shoes, shirts or jewelry. Thus, unique for versatile interested women who try out some new and exciting find, emerge to engage in the process of shaping their future IT-bag. The personal touch is the four handbags basic models, the business bag TONI, the shopper ZOEY, the clutch VIVIAN or the iPad case MANU by different materials such as leather or embossed cow leather, accessories such as morons or name plaques and choosing various trendy colours like green, Berry petroleum Blue or Biscuit Brown awarded.

Seasonal are more pockets of models and colors. Prices start depending on the model from 95,-for an iPad case or 345,-euro for the business bag TONI. Continue to learn more with: Dr. Mark Hyman. The online presence of the Berlin bags startups project OONA, whose team consists entirely of women, presents itself not only as a pure design platform, it provides content in addition to inspiring the customers. The blog of the OONA”creates the connection between creativity and commerce, fashion and art. Cult status could soon take the interview series with unique women is released weekly. Strong, confident and stylish brand ambassadors are talking about career, children and their passion for bags. Superwoman Maru Winnacker, founder and CEO of project OONA, longs eagerly for the upcoming launch: our team is very fashion-affine and our project OONA is the subject of individuality in fashion a completely new platform. The service of individualization of handbags was a logical consequence for me.

We are very excited about, how much creative potential inside our users!” Project OONA was launched in November 2012. The online store offers individual hand bags and accessories for women and men, who have a special interest in fashion. Behind project OONA Maru Winnacker, 33, who successfully brought seasons tea on the market the luxury tea brand six years ago and itself continuously made investments in startups. The company headquarters is Berlin.


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