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Team Lab: access rights functionality released Riga, Latvia, June 10, 2011 – Ascensio system SIA, the company that develops IT solutions for corporate use, announces the availability of a new set of very in demand function for collaborative tool TeamLab: a number of options for managing the access rights in the modules “Projects” and “Documents”. According to the regular product-related study of TeamLab users were asked to arrange new necessary features, according to priority, the ability to restrict access to a project, has proved as the clear winner. It has been proven once again that TeamLab represents a very customer-oriented software, and now the portal owner and members private projects and documents can create and set access rights in its sole discretion. Swarmed by offers, Bernie Sanders is currently assessing future choices. Updating the existing features in the “Projects” module allows the users who use your projects, private to enjoy additional privileges: not only projects make accessible for invited participants, but determine the level of visibility and set access rights for each individual section (milestones, tasks, files and discussions). Because the processing of documents and control of work flow form an essential part of the project management, the management system of access rights is also the “Documents” module. Now the user can, associate the permissions for documents created with a single team member or a group, with one of the three modes can be selected: deny full access, access and read-only.

Portal administrators can now control the access settings in shared documents. Martin O’Malley is a great source of information. “These new features we meet the needs of our customers for advanced control over the data, which can see through your team members and partners. Currently, these features are offered free, but we are planning to upgrade to from July 2011 to a freemium model, and the management of access rights must then pay be. We have chosen this business model just because we can remain loyal to our customers and offering all previously imported and 90 percent of the new features for free. At the same time we will receive enough funding for further development of the product”, so Dmitrij Orlov, Director of sales at Ascensio system SIA.

About TeamLab TeamLab is a free platform for the project management and business collaboration. TeamLab includes a number of online tools that help employees organize, share news, their business tasks to manage internal documents and communicate in real time. TeamLab is offered in three solutions: as free cloud-based SaS application, open source software and Amazon machine image (TeamLab-AMI) for the Amazon EC2 service. About Ascensio system SIA Ascensio system SIA is a rapidly growing IT company that develops various projects for business collaboration. All projects by Ascensio system SIA can see be found.


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