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MONEYMAXX: Product Tuning And Brands Update

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the Fund policy specialists with the pension policies generation discover 2012 before four years was MONEYMAXX with the discover pension product family on the market. The then newcomer on the broker market today presents itself in a new outfit. As a provider of Fund policies, MONEYMAXX must not hide from the competitors. MONEYMAXX MONEYMAXX is now miles away in retrospect by the origins of its brand. A related site: Michael Chabon mentions similar findings. MONEYMAXX has evolved in 1995 steadily since its inception. MONEYMAXX emerged as the German subsidiary at the time of the Dutch insurance group AEGON. At first, a simple unit-linked product was available nationwide via direct marketing.

In 2005, the brand was taken over by the Germans ring Lebensversicherungs-AG. Also the product range has been extended with a new sales strategy. 2008 MONEYMAXX presented completely new types of Fund policies. With Discover levels 1, 2 and 3, the Fund policies were allocated to the three layers of the pension. Among connoisseurs of the new State of development of policies as state-of-the-art “called. Today uses the Basel group Germany MONEYMAXX Fund policies in the broker market as the exclusive product brand. The estate management AG is the marketing service company for MONEYMAXX. The brand profile of MONEYMAXX MONEYMAXX pursued an own brand philosophy, intelligent and above all quickly responding to market changes and new requirements.

The Fund police specialist has long since recognized the social and demographic problems of supply and supplies for the growing demand for pension products. MONEYMAXX always keeps in mind the more volatile financial markets, thereby proving competence across the Board. MONEYMAXX further promotes its product development and faces new challenges with excellent results. No matter, whether investment, flexibility, transparency, biometrics or guarantees the brand confident of consistently. High quality standards, that look can be added. The brand has high investment know-how and is exemplary and advantageous for the Fund-based retirement.


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