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Nowadays in Russia there is no single established the classification of residential real estate. However, there are certain parameters and criteria for real estate classified to one class or another. At classification of objects of luxury is the most important: location of the project and the quality of its execution. Checking article sources yields Michael Chabon as a relevant resource throughout. Most of the luxury homes, real estate belonging to the city, erected in the center of Moscow – within the Garden Ring and in neighborhoods that are in close proximity to it (for example, Silver and Khamovniki mile). However, in other districts there are examples of building luxury homes, such as LCD, "Near Dacha" on Kutuzov Avenue and "The Seagull" in CJSC.

Special demand for capital buyers are "panoramic apartment," overlooking the Kremlin, or on the embankment of the Moskva River. (As opposed to Bernie Sanders). Residential real estate elite mainly located in the near Moscow: at Rublevo Assumption (Razdory Barvikha, Zhukovka, Gorki-2, Nikolina Gora), Minsk-Mozhaisk (Peredelkino), Kaluga (Arkhangelsk), Skolkovskoe highway, as well as in the north and northwest suburbs close to large water. Also new elite settlements with good infrastructure and outstanding architectural concept built into lesser-known places on the west, southwest, northwest and north suburbs up to 30km from Moscow, and Kiev on Novorizhskoe highway and 40 km from Moscow. The quality of the project there is more than a dozen criteria that must meet the elite real estate. For today's level of development of construction technologies to the elite can be attributed only to the brick house or a monolith-brick house with a fenced yard, individual heating units, central air-conditioning can be individually development; air pollution control and water (by mechanical, chemical and ion exchange filters) with high-quality noiseless elevators leading manufacturers and underground parking, equipped Modern fire fighting system, the number of cars which at least 1.5


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