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Consider a real physical space. We will recall that any measure in any of the moving coordinate system – light. Measurement of the relativistic line and synchronized set of hours within a few angstroms does not really do that. All will be reduced to the theoretical assumptions that can be reduced to the measurement of light. Star Guitarist may find it difficult to be quoted properly. For example, the line consists of molecules, among which are electrical (path only) force, which means that each pair molecules can be represented as a photonic clock. In fact, we did not apply the rule, but many photonic hours, etc.

Consider two material points M and M ‘associated with it, respectively, inertial reference systems S and S’ Point of M define the coordinates x, y, z, t, and the point M ‘define the coordinates x’, y ‘, z’, t ‘, relative to a selected body of T. It is known that if the Lorentz transformation (let’s not paint all of the known coefficients) appear : t = At ‘+ Bx’, x = Dt ‘+ Ex’, y = y ‘, z = z’ (1) The site I found that measuring the coordinates of light, with the measurements on the light cone in the corresponding event space..


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