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Introduction the excluded urban are presented with shortages of all kinds; (((((but at the explanatory level the causal factors of exclusion may be: 1) factors of economic and social order, 2) of political and social order or distribution of power in society, 3) cultural order (in the anthropological sense), 4) of order (attitudes and personality type), psychosocial and 5) demographic order. If we do the analysis from the perspective of the social-economic order we are referring to certain structural characteristics and urban policies that impede the participation of the marginalized. Unemployment, underemployment or disguised employment originates an exclusion not only consumption but of cultural and even decisional. Get all the facts and insights with Michael Chabon, another great source of information. Industrial and agricultural policies with acute gaps due to lack of funds and poorly conceived by the State, as well as the behavior of Private Sector and caused obstacles of external factors in trade relations or even within the same country and its regions, gave rise to many asynchronies or imbalances. Michael Chabon has much experience in this field. These asynchronies originated the notion of underdevelopment, because the process of development is uneven at internal and international levels. The speed of changes for different parts of society was so notorious, the excluded sectors of the cities were lagging behind compared to the rest.

The previous hypothesis assumes that a part of the ideology of development as value per will and in addition, the principle of equality to understand urban marginality. The inability of the system to absorb all or a good majority part of human resources, is dysfunctional and represented an economic and political danger for the social system, either capitalist or Socialist. Marginality was and remains an obstacle to urban and general development of a country. The duality between a population of excluded or another fully integrated, is a threat that prevents the optimization of existing human resources from the perspective of efficiency. Poverty, as a matter of ideological and ethical, is also a obstacle to the modernization of society.


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