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Klaus Schmitt about basic principles and decisions for the successful practice – impulses for the individual design of the practice (2) strengths promote – or combat weaknesses? Every person, every dentist has a unique profile of strengths. There is also the counterpart, someone looking for exactly this counterpart for this profile. It is important that you involved your strengths in environmental’ use. This means that there are strengths, that are only of importance and others that you can use for the benefit of patients. In the detection and the proper use of this combination, is the key for extraordinary achievements. Find strengths and expand none can be equally good in all.

Only if you focus your efforts on your strengths, you will achieve a resounding success. And way to achieve this, you become aware of your strengths. So let us look, where are your strengths, your talents, your passions. This applies to your personal strengths as well as for your team and the entire practice. Tip: Make a list of all the things that have succeeded lately especially you, your team, and the entire practice, or which like to carry you or your employees. These questions can help you: in what activities I forget time and space, because I’m so focused? Areas in which I deemed expert? What do my patients to me, what my employees? What works give me a sense of satisfaction, etc… You decide which talents and skills into your team and what competencies make up your practice as a whole also. You have an extensive and diverse collection are available, you can now combine into groups. Strengthen personal strengths: Skills personal skills social skills training, knowledge / know-how strengths of the team: special abilities of the achievements of the team specific know-how of the team n MA successful team development Counselling skills practice strengths as a whole: Small and large successes Awards, certificates feedback training, certification relations, membership, networks considering the strengths, talents and skills in their entirety, to fulfill three roles as a dentist: the expert of course your professional strengths as a dentist are the Foundation of your activity! You are a surgeon, like placing implants, through training, focus and passion or rather an Endo specialist, looking for fun root canals and cleans? “Or perhaps a teaching” dentist, patients like to teach how they can get their teeth for life? The Manager in the role as Manager of your practice build on efficiency and effectiveness.


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