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The Scientology religion has many beliefs with other religions and teachings together and considered the human as an immortal spiritual being who is principle of Scientology, that wisdom is to anyone who want to seek. Therefore, those people who understand the useful methods of L. Ron Hubbard and apply to their lives get successful in the handle. L. Ron Hubbard began in 1923 with his studies on the mind and the spirit.

This resulted in a manuscript dating back to 1938 with the title of Excalibur. This unpublished work the word appeared in Scientology for the first time, to describe, what Hubbard with the study of knowledge, how to know”referred to. “” He decided against publication of the book, because there no way “involved, but simply a reflection on the elements of life” was. “He added: I decided to really get to the bottom.” To really get to the bottom, actually later to the resulted in the Dianetics, an area of expertise, broader Scientology religion led. Dianetics provided a kind of self help the individual initially, which could easily be practiced by anyone on the street. L. Ron Hubbard but the question arose: who looks on this mental image pictures in mind? “.” And he wanted to have answered this absolutely. Hubbard believed that it must be something other than the mind itself.

He came to the conclusion and this confirmed shortly thereafter due to his further researches, that is fundamentally spiritual nature man, that he has to do it with a spiritual beings. It was this discovery in the autumn of 1951, for L. Ron Hubbard joined the circle that brought him back to the broader area of Scientology and to what was spoken by Dianetics on all the time: the spiritual essence. At this time, he publicly announced Scientology. He expressed it as follows: I found out that if you look at the pictures. And I described it. And I found out that one by a very practical point of things it can do, that no one has ever done. Suddenly, I found myself in the area of religion…” Scientology is – according to the research by L. Ron Hubbard – basically in the tradition of humanistic Gnostic salvation religions, i.e. those religions that seek the salvation of man through knowledge of himself and his relationship with God. Scientology sees Buddha as a direct continuation of the work of Gautama Siddharta, called, as it has expressed to L. Ron Hubbard. The Scientology religion has many beliefs with other religions and teachings together and regarded the people as an immortal spiritual being. It is the goal of the Scientology mentally to liberate the people, to put him in the situation, to get his life itself and to be able to solve its problems itself. In the following years, L. Ron Hubbard completed his research with regard to the spiritual nature of man. Today, all his publications on this topic are available to anyone who wants to study Scientology. The legacy of his work helps people continue to anywhere in the world to recognize their true spiritual nature. For more information see. More information: press service of the Scientology Church Bayern e.


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