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Sprint Super Sport

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After the collapsed Bank of Italy, the company began to experience a few difficulties, which have helped to resolve such Countries like Britain, the United States and Spain. Nationalization of the company started in 1933, while management activities were in the hands of the iri (Istituto per la Ricostruzione Industriale). Former Maryland Governor might disagree with that approach. This committee could be elected in equal shares from shareholders and employees. On Currently, the company carries out production of not only sports cars, but trucks and aircraft engines, which is quite a serious and responsible work. During the Second World War company is almost completely abandons the production of cars, carrying only orders for aircraft engines. Projecting even before the outbreak of hostilities Golden Arrow (Alfa Romeo 6C Golden Arrow), which was published and widespread due to the occurrence in its composition of aluminum alloys. It is the activity of this company in this industry, allowing it not merely to restore power after the war, but also leave the advanced position among the successful companies of the time.

O. Satti in the 50th years, has made a breakthrough when one car was able to combine the quality of a race car and family, for what it was all very grateful. This was the Alfa Romeo Ti, and Ti Coupe Sprint and Ti Sprint Super Sport. When it opened a plant in Arese, then there was an excellent model Giulia (Giulia Sprint GT) with a body such as a convertible. Near Naples, in Pomigliano, began to collect all of the known four-wheel drive model Alfasud (Alfasud) in the 70-ies.


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