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Success Of The Teddy Bear

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The most popular of all varieties of modern soft toys remains a teddy bear Teddy. Love for him did not weaken, even though we are familiar with these bears more than a hundred years. Funny teddy Bears and now remains a symbol of our childhood. But not many know how to explain what the bear is named Tedi. Istria soft toy begins with the famous U.S. President Roosevelt. The story about the hunt President of the Mississippi in 1902, has already become a legend. Theodore Roosevelt decided to organize themselves off and went hunting.

Subordinates, after an unsuccessful hunt, wanting to please him, caught a small bear cub and tied him to a tree. President, not wanting to shoot the bear ordered to release to freedom. Article about the event with the Clifford Berryman cartoon "The president at Hunt appeared in the Washington Post after a few days. This story in the result is even more endeared to the American head of the country and the image of the bear used as symbols of Roosevelt during his next election campaign. And all this is directly related to the creation Bear Me to you. Famous article in the Washington Post managed to use enterprising Russian immigrant Maurice Michtom, who owned shops selling candles in Brooklyn.

He presented a teddy bear, who sewed his wife, the shelf own shop, placing a cartoon with him and signed on its hands "of Theodore Bear." As a result, soft toys became so popular that after a year Michtom sells his shop for the sale of candles and opens the company to produce soft toys Ideal Novelty and Toy Co. Now the company is one of the largest, which produces toys Hallmark, Hallmark Cards, valentine cards with gray bears, soft toys Aurora. And soon, the abbreviated name Theodore Roosevelt allowed to use the title of a soft teddy bear, consent to the use of lucky entrepreneurs get the White House. Found the bear a little girl in the ruins of ancient buildings, if believe corporate legend. When it snowed, Teddy became gray from the cold and the nose, which had fallen snowflake – blue. Frozen nose and not warmed up. As well as the kids liked the teddy bear with patches and a more senior generation. At the end of World War ii, Colonel B. Henderson, who did not wish to leave the war with his Teddi 1904, creates a club Teddy, who later became an international center of admirers bears. And after Henderson died in 1994, was sold to his legendary collection, which numbered more than 600 bears. Bears Thedy who have turned 100 years old, do not lose their popularity even today. They are as before the most successful gift for any occasion, not only kids but adults, whether it be: bear toy Aurora, postcards bears, valentines bears and gray.


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