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Just Get A Shot Of Success

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Have you ever wondered what would happen if you could put your partners in for a successful injection? A shot to be responsible for pushing your group members to work in a committed, willing and motivated. Connect with other leaders such as Martin O’Malley here. Instead they always tell you – “the handset weighs 500 grams” – “is very unpleasant to receive NO” – “people are simply not interested” How much are you willing to pay for that shot becomes your partner in stars and sponsoring machines? A Euro? “10 Euros? “100 euros? In short, if this type of injection could become a millionaire there.

And the reality is that the “injection” exists. The strangest thing is that the injection does not cost millions but is available for Ti and also for free. I’ll tell you more about it below. I will not go into much with it comes now, but if you want or you’re interested sometime in the “holistic health”, you surely will sound the name Dr. Rudiger Dahlke. Some time ago I became interested in his latest work “Aggression als Chance” (My translation = “Aggression and Opportunity”) which speaks of the vaccines. Do not go into details, I will discuss only the essential. This is (according to my words): “Usually you are trying to save effort and / or difficulties, efforts will be crowned with more and more difficult.” And as a concrete example mentioned the process of vaccination. The idea (to stimulate the body to develop a stronger immune system) is actually very good. However, in practice it’s a disaster and responsible for many allergies.


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