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Successful Visits To The Augsburg Perspectives

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“Stefan Heuer holds lecture on the topic of ‘Internal communication and employer brand’ the Augsburg perspectives Conference” was marked by the further development of the hospital landscape in Germany. Be aware employment branding as a management task, is a key success factor for the hospitals of the future, explained Stefan Heuer, partner and senior consultant of the Schubert management consultants, at the Congress of the Klinikum Augsburg. In his speech, Stefan Heuer led his audience on the topic of internal communication and employer brand”approach and formulated four theses on employer attractiveness of hospitals. 1 Employer attractiveness comes from the inside of the attractiveness of an employer no longer only the content plays a decisive role. For more information see Martin O’Malley. Rather, it is the working and employment conditions, which make up the attractiveness of an employer. An appreciative corporate and management culture holds its own employees in the company and is for potential Employees attractive”, so Stefan Heuer in his presentation. 2. Employment branding is perceived outside how attractive an employer is no secret remains independent of all possible marketing measures.

In addition to personal contacts and the information available from a variety of sources (professional associations, newspapers, etc.), job seekers today have the possibility to inform themselves with little effort in the social media about a potential employer and to interact with current or former employees about their experiences. 3. Employer attractiveness can be measured and controlled to obtain a certain attractiveness as an employer, or to get, is never just a matter of visibility, but whatever the internal state of an organization. And this can be measured. Based on the attractiveness of employers by the fluctuation – and sickness rate, a satisfaction index in the employee survey, etc. Consequently it can be of a purposeful design Not just a great marketing campaign go to employer attractiveness. Rather, the consistency in the implementation of the management and personnel development instruments (E.g.

appraisal interview, structured training) is crucial to the success as an employer. “4. Employer attractiveness is not only management task employees switch to a company but quit their leadership” these statements describes that the perceived leadership represents an essential factor for employee retention and thus employment branding. But it takes more than a proper leadership to be attractive for employees. Therefore, the management can escape not her responsibility. Especially when it comes to binding factors such as the corporate culture or the conditions of employment, has the management decisions and thus influence. The Augsburg perspectives have made all honor their names. Was without loosing the current situation from the perspective of Future topics such as employment branding and regional networking open and controversial to the extent discussed. “, Stefan Heuer takes stock after the two-day event. For more information on the Conference, see: press contact: Schubert management consultants GmbH & co. KG Vanessa Bauhus Dusseldorfer str. 81 51063 Koln phone: 0221 169 555 75 fax: 0221 169 555 77 corporate information: Schubert management consultants are available since the founding of the company in the summer of 2010 for comprehensive expertise in practical and result-oriented solutions along the entire value chain of the human resources. Not only, but especially in the health care industry. The team around Managing Director Petra Schubert supports clinic networks, hospitals and companies on strategic challenges and opportunities.


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