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You can record your videos with any camera, even with your cell phone, and import it into Windows Movie Maker. How to achieve that your videos are seen to achieve that your videos are seen quickly, can leverage the use of your favorite social networks or several of them, to inform its readers, friends and clients that it has released a new video. You can publish your videos on networks like Twitter, Facebook, Squidoo, Hubpage, MySpce, SumbleUpon, Digg, Google, Blogger, etc. The key is in the mines or seeds previously mentioned that some authors call such as planting mines or sow seeds, to the Act of leaving links in different parts of the network of the internet, to your website, blog or own product or affiliate that you are promoting. I can assure that such action lies the key to the success of a business for the obtaining of traffic, the construction of a list and generating sales. Networks Social provide a highly effective means of generating traffic to our web site, blog, or links from the affiliate programs in which we participate. There is a great amount of social networks, between which they can mention and which I use for traffic generation are Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, SumbleUpon, Squidoo, Digg, Bloggy.

There are many more, but could begin with these, and go by subscribing to other advances in their learning. Most of these sites are easy to use and, in a few steps may have on the network your article or video. That Yes, it is important the continuous updating of its publications in order to reach a good ranking in the search engines, to increase the chances that they are seen. No matter how you want to call him planting mines, sowing seeds or another name of his creation, the important thing is to take action immediately and begin to place their links in so many parts of the network as possible. Write articles and place their links, record videos and place their links, then publish them in the various social networks that are to your liking, and soon will see traffic arrive at your web site, blog or product. Article previous original author and source of the article


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