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It is a rewarding task because their success makes me happy, especially when many of them come to tell me that I have served very helpful, which I always do as far as I wanted. The limitations that compel me to be always trying new ways to extend my hand and my writers, beginners or consecrated. I can not stop go ahead and complain, I think a lot, but am working. Soil deliver what it promises. When I fail to comply, as in the case of broadcasting of “Radio Hispanorama … Read More…

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Holy Grail Love

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There are few tarot cards that have a meaning as deep as the ACE of cups. This letter marks the beginning of the suit of cups, dedicated to the love and feelings. When comes out the ACE of cups marking an initial breeze of affection that might be the purest love if given the time and attention required. It is the time to plant the seed, and make a bet for the future. When this deck out in Chuck speaks of a pure heart that manifests itself with a love … Read More…

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