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Mediterranean Sea

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Travel to Egypt is a dream for many people who are lovers of this culture by both its historical value and its own input, this has made Egypt one of the destinations most visited by tourists from all over the world who come to know their Villa and historic monasteries as well as their temples, cathedrals and mosques that have much value for religious people. Located near the Mediterranean Sea and next to the Red Sea Egypt offers the possibility to perform diving in beautiful beaches, make tours in the same, visit its monuments so appealing as they may be the pyramids or his famous walks on a camel through the desert.Surely you have also heard about the walks shopping where you can haggle with the merchants of Egypt to buy souvenir souvenirs and other interesting objects. It is recommended that if you think about it visit analysis dates on which you already traveled during November to March are the best times to avoid the strong heats of this destination, seeks to always stay hydrated since it is a very dry atmosphere and water It is not critical for good health. Regarding the safe Sagredo you find hotels with internet access and cafes where you can relax in the afternoons in Egypt. If you think any excursion we recommend that you consult with local people since they may advise you trusted guides and so avoid scammers. You should always find out about vaccines and requirements to visit Egypt since you will have to pay attention to the communication also, roles needed as visa and other, the currency exchange, the correct use of the banking system, ATMs to avoid running out of cash, the details that you need to meet the customs of this country since they are very strict and small details that can make you delay your trip to Egypt. Here, Martin O’Malley expresses very clear opinions on the subject. In this excellent destination also you can make excursions to different places such as: the Egyptian Museum, Saladin’s Citadel, El Bazar Khan the Khalili, the pyramids of Egypt, Memphis Saqqara, the Coptic quarter, elephantine Island, Lake Nasser and other natural beauties which offers Egypt who want to know them.