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Different Types

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Learning to sidebar fittings on the doors of various types. Repair of apartments are often provided for a replacement of interior dverey.Horosho if people to whom you applied for the order, apply to this case as they otvetstvenno.A works of master cabinetmaker, who carries out the installation of accessories for dver.V most cases it does not look as rosy as you predstavlyaete.A naoborot.Korobka collected quite crooked, with large gaps in joints and struts perekladiny.Petli crashed in haste, sometimes it seems that the pot was cut not a chisel, and toporom.A … Read More…

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Main Reactions

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For manual arc welding electrodes with a thick layer covering the chemical reactions between metal arc gases and slag flow at 2100-2300 C in a time of transition drops of molten metal through the electrode and cover arc gap. Further physical and chemical processes occur in the weld pool. The main chemical reaction during welding under flux occur only under a layer of molten flux in the welding bath. Consider key reaction in the weld zone of steel, as the most popular metal that is to be welded. Oxidation. In … Read More…

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