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Situation Rubalcaba

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Him as candidate for the Presidency of the Government has ensured that the problem of employment in Spain has the differential element of the bubble, that when he arrived the financial crisis made estuviesemos with debt at the neck. To improve the situation, Rubalcaba pointed out that we must find new businesses outside construction, which create jobs in other sectors, since previous years model is not reusable. We can do it, we can create jobs, it has been asserted. Rubalcaba has reminded that our labor system implies that employers have to do the labour adjustment from unemployment, and this cannot be so, noted, so it has asked to give more flexibility to entrepreneurs, as well as more security workers, while he has shown his predilection for the part-time contracthas revealed that he really likes. Along with the economy, he has criticized tax havens and the American rating. On the first, it has been claimed that there is money from drug trafficking, corruption, trafficking in people is something immoral; about qualification, it has ensured that these attack countries, and has proposed to create ones own, which are European, so as to avoid speculation. The newly proclaimed candidate has focused much of his speech on four major proposals: employment, a future model of the economy, the commitment to equality of opportunity, and finally, what you ask us, in rrencia to an improvement of democracy. About the unemployed, it has pointed out that we we must make an effort to help them, to activate them.

In the l youngsters who left studies by working in construction, has revealed that this group concerned, and has opted to train them to work. Also it has rrido to the Group of those who have studied a master’s degree and do not find work, has called on those who give them their first opportunity. In the aspect of the future of the economy, Rubalcaba has affirmed that we are growing, but little, and has requested raise distributional policies, to help as well, who have not suffered with the crisis, us all out of this. .