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Situation Rubalcaba

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Him as candidate for the Presidency of the Government has ensured that the problem of employment in Spain has the differential element of the bubble, that when he arrived the financial crisis made estuviesemos with debt at the neck. To improve the situation, Rubalcaba pointed out that we must find new businesses outside construction, which create jobs in other sectors, since previous years model is not reusable. We can do it, we can create jobs, it has been asserted. Rubalcaba has reminded that our labor system implies that employers have … Read More…

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Bosque Moment

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I took two weeks and a half with my team after a very long summer. For the first time in seven years I’ve rested and it has me very well. It is not the best moment of my life, yet I have much, he said showing his hunger. Of time has won already two titles with Barca, removing the thorn in Arsenal where he always was at gates of the success. I try to take advantage of me of the quality of my colleagues. Different things happen when Andrew has … Read More…

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