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What toner cartridge refill? As for the toner (powder) has a table compatible toner cartridge model number HP. In principle we can fill the cartridge itself if you try, but if you calculate the feasibility refilling cartridges you will realize that savings of just 70-100 rubles. Is it worth for this to determine how both the toner and refill cartridges, toner and not buying a guarantee normal operation of the cartridge is a big question)))) If you have buy a laser cartridge that follow refill this cartridge 200 rubles. Filling or charging cartridge or toner cartridge is the restoration of the masters as soon as possible on the equipment. So who are you people with dirty hands or blue collar? you answer themselves, for the filling of cartridges vosnovnom lot of people with secondary education tend to newcomers, earning a fuel cartridge is low and so you earn a higher education in mind and not distracted by some refilling ink cartridges or cartridge purchase. Refilling ink cartridges produce some hacks literally 'at the knees', he fell asleep coarse-Chinese-defective-toxic (many adjectives to name a few) that naturally subsequently affect the paper cartridge and the printer. We (and I'm talking about) age of new technologies, there is a toner from the company LG, extractor hood, special vacuum cleaners, check the magnetization of the magnetic roller of your cartridge restoration layer fotovala. Subsequent delivery of your refilled cartridge by courier free of charge, in the end what we have on the one hand an amateur who does not like and is not responsible to you and the firm with a serious potential which restores carefully, fill and return you to the cartridge, and your cartridge after all the manipulation is 'eternal' article prepared.